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Peter G. Harris
Founder & CEO

Peter is the founder and chief executive officer of Syncrement.


Prior to launching Syncrement, Peter was the VP of marketing science and head of programmatic ad strategy for American Express.  Prior to that, he was VP of risk management for American Express and also spent 10+ years as a data scientist for the company.  In his last role, he combined his experience as a data scientist with knowledge of the programmatic ad industry to launch transformational new digital advertising capabilities for the company.  However, he found that spending digital ad dollars efficiently was more difficult than it should be.


Peter founded Syncrement to form an ad tech company whose architecture is designed by an ad buyer for ad buyers.  Its mission is to drive truly incremental revenue for advertisers.


Peter holds a master of science degree in economics from Arizona State University and bachelor of arts degree's in economics and mathematics from State University of New York at Geneseo.

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